HK police arrests 4 organisers of Tiananmen vigil

Four arrests in Hong Kong on Wednesday dealt a new blow to the city's opposition movement.

Those detained are all members of the pro-democracy group that organizes a yearly vigil in Hong Kong for the bloody crackdown in Tiananmen Square.

The June 4 event commemorates those killed when China quashed 1989's student-led protests.

Activist and barrister Chow Hang Tung was arrested along with three others from the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China.

A day before her arrest, Chow spoke to reporters outside police headquarters.

"The more we resist, the more they (the government) will suppress you. But whether it would be better not to resist, I don't think so. If you give up and don't fight, they (the government) will not let you go, as we have seen that they (the government) have been chasing after all the disbanded groups.

She had been at the headquarters to deliver a message to officers that the alliance would not provide the information they had requested.

Last month, police sent a letter to the organisation giving it until Tuesday this week to provide details of its membership, finances and activities.

The letter accused the alliance of being "an agent of foreign forces", adding that failure to comply with the deadline could result in a fine and six months in jail.

Alliance leaders Albert Ho and Lee Cheuk-yan are already in jail over their roles in anti-government protests that roiled the city in 2019.

The National Security Department said that investigations were ongoing and did not rule out further arrests.

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