HK actor Adam Cheng’s ex-wife found, family hopes for her to attend to daughter Angelina’s final rites

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 3 — The saga of Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng being sought by a United States church to attend to his daughter Angelina’s funeral rites has ended following the successful location of his ex-wife.

The matter was confirmed by Cheng’s current wife Guan Jinghua, who said Lu Huiru had been found in Vancouver, Canada and contacted by a relative.

“Her contact number has also been passed on to the church that is currently handling the funeral,” MP Weekly quoted Guan as saying, adding that as Lu is Angelina’s legal guardian, they hoped she would turn up to settle the matter.

“However, we will assist in any way we can if Lu allows us to do so,” she added.

On the 76-year-old Adam’s condition after receiving news of Angelina’s death, Guan said he has yet to calm down.

Angelina was found dead at her South California home after church members grew concerned when she could not be contacted. She was Adam’s eldest child from his marriage to Lu.

Over the years, Angelina grew estranged from Adam and they only met up recently during his performance in Las Vegas.

Adam previously told the media that he paid for Angelina’s tertiary education and lost contact with her.

“If I were to meet her on the streets now, I may not be able to recognise her,” he reportedly said.

Besides Lu and Guan, Adam was previously married to comedian Lydia Sum and has a daughter, Joyce.

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