Hive mind: Watch how a guy moves bees into their new home

A beginner beekeeper in New York shows the process of moving honey bees from one hive to another.

The clip, filmed on June 16 shows beekeeper Jacob, known as the Tiny Zoo on social media, carefully moving his "hard-working" honey bees from their hive to a smaller boxed hive.

"We're a tiny zoo in a tiny house, we also have a pig, a goat, foxes, chickens, ducks, dogs and more bees," Jacob told Newsflare.

"I started keeping bees earlier this year, around April/May time as a hobby and now have two hives doing well. I'm currently working on getting more swarms to expand my collection.

"In the video, I'm moving my honeybee swarm into a custom-made larger hive box to be more comfortable." he continued.

Honey bees are smaller than other bees and look more like wasps. They live in hives with up to 60,000 bees whereas other bees, such as bumbles are larger and live with up to 400 bees honey bees also make a lot more honey than normal bees.