Hiromi Wada is still in conflict with boyfriend's mother

Heidi Hsia
·2-min read

2 Dec – Despite her love for boyfriend and attorney-turned-insurance agent Joseph Lam, actress Hiromi Wada admitted that nothing has changed when it comes to her relationship with Joe's mother, Lily Wong.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, whose relationship with Joe was resented by Wong due to her previous extra-marital scandal, shared an unforgettable experience she had with Wong, in which the latter sent her a message accusing her of only trying to win Joe after failing to attract other man.

"I thought to myself, your son is the one who kept pursuing me. I had even rejected him many times. Why is it my problem? Why not ask your son?" she said.

Hiromi stated that she would love to speak face to face with Wong about the issue, but that the other party would always walk away from a direct confrontation.

"You can dislike me and not want to see me. But if you have an opinion, it is not okay to say it behind my back," she added.

Meanwhile, Joe related the issue between Hiromi and his mother to the storyline of the hit Hollywood movie, "Crazy Rich Asians", saying that similar to the character played by Michelle Yeoh, his mother was disliked by her own mother-in-law in the past, only to do the same to Hiromi.

"After I was born, she worked hard to change my grandmother's perception of her, so I hope that Hiromi will be able to do the same to prevent the same thing happening again," he said.

To that, Hiromi stated that Joe should bear the responsibility and take action to resolve the dispute between her and his mother, adding that she has already proven her capability as a person by establishing her own business and acquiring her own property.

(Photo Source: Hiromi Wada Instagram)