Hins Cheung releases new album

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

8 Jan – Hins Cheung recently surprised fans by announcing his new album, "The Brightest Darkness".

On 7 January, the singer posted the cover of the said album on social media and revealed that it contains 17 works; comprising of 11 Cantonese songs and six Mandarin songs that he hopes will heal everybody under the pandemic.

Hins Cheung's "The Brightest Darkness".
Hins Cheung's "The Brightest Darkness".

"From February 2020 to January 2021, I've been going around postponing it again and again. Everything has become TBC, this year... Although this song and this album did not arrive as scheduled, it was finally released tonight. There are too many stories about the making of the album, but let me tell you about it little by little," he wrote.

Aside from the new songs and the songs he wrote himself, Hins also decided to record Mandarin songs that were significant to him, including Sandy Lam's "Street of Temptation" and Yan Yuying's "Gu Shi".

According to Mingpao, Hins previously revealed at his previous concert that he will be establishing his own music production. "The Brightest Darkness" is the first album produced by his own music label, FITTO Records.

(Photo Source: Hins Cheung Instagram)