‘My Hinge date left to move his car 45 seconds after meeting – and never came back’

 (Jam Press Vid/@raychfayce)
(Jam Press Vid/@raychfayce)

A woman whose date went to ‘move his car’ after they met, ended up ditching her an estimated 45 seconds into the meet-up – later letting his abandoned love interest know via text message that he ‘wasn’t feeling it’.

Rachel Wilson, 28, was left high and dry after her date disappeared with the excuse that his car was parked in a bad spot.

The pair, who met on the dating app Hinge, spoke for around four days before he made plans for them to meet up on Friday 13 January, of all days.

Rachel and her date settled on getting chicken wings and a beer at a local sports bar in Durham, North Carolina.

But no later than ‘45 seconds’ after meeting one another for the first time in person, poor Rachel was stood up as her date fled the building.

Five minutes later, she received a message: ‘Sorry wasn’t feeling it [sad face emoji].’

“I stood in front of the restaurant waiting for about five minutes before I got the text,” Rachel, originally from Florida, told NeedToKnow.online.

“I didn't respond and immediately deleted his number and have heard no word from him since.

“I think if I was not a confident person this would have honestly wrecked me, but luckily I am very secure and confident in who I am, so it won't affect the way I approach dating moving forward.”

Prior to the meeting, there were no red flags.

Rachel said: “I liked that he made solid plans right off the bat.

“I hate when you meet someone on a dating app and talk back and forth forever, with no solid plans to meet.

“We went to a sports bar-type place, and were planning on getting chicken wings and a beer.”

 (Jam Press Vid/@raychfayce)
(Jam Press Vid/@raychfayce)

After the Florida native stood face-to-face with her date, he allegedly told her that he needed to ‘move the car’.

The excuse of moving his car had seemed innocent enough to Rachel, who had seen a notice on the door of the restaurant about a risk of being towed should drivers park in the wrong place.

It wasn’t until she received the dreaded text message from her date that she realised he actually no longer wanted to continue spending time with her.

Rachel is able to look back on her dating failure now and laugh and has even made light of the situation by sharing a video to TikTok, which racked up over four million views.

The content creator has garnered over 508,000 likes for her brutal honesty.

 (Jam Press Vid/@raychfayce)
(Jam Press Vid/@raychfayce)

One user said: “I had a guy fake having MS 5mins into mine. Happened last week.”

“Y’all gotta stop catfishing us,” commented another viewer.

Someone else joked: “I mean technically he did move his car. Away from you, the restaurant, and closer to his house.”

“The dating pool is really at rock bottom,” another person added.

Someone else wrote: “Honestly I’d be glad my time wasn’t wasted and their loss.”