Hindu devotees decorate pandal in India for Navratri

The arrangement of dolls and idols is known as 'Bommai Kolu' and it is the main attraction of the 'Navratri' festival in Kerala. Every year, devotees in large numbers throng pandals to worship and seek the blessings of the lords.

However, with the pandemic this year, the number of visitors dwindled as the state is still reporting over 10,000 cases daily.

Only a handful of devotees were seen reading and singing devotionals songs, and seeking blessings in front of the idols at the city's Gandhari Amman Kovil Temple on Sunday (October 10).

Navratri' is a nine-day festival dedicated to Goddess Durga and her various incarnations, 'Durga Puja' is celebrated in eastern parts of India for the last five days of 'Navratri'.

Devotees observe fast during these nine days and temporary festive instalments known as 'pandals' are set up, where they pray and participate in the festivities.

'Navratri' culminates on the tenth day, which is celebrated as 'Dussehra'.

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