Himalayan helicopter flies villagers home to mourn

For three days, Sushama Rana waited at a makeshift dirt helipad in the Indian Himalayas to return to her village and look for her missing brother-in-law.

Yashpal Rana was herding goats when a flash flood swept down a remote valley on Sunday (February 7), smashing everything in its path.

“I hope that his body is found somewhere, whether it is buried or washed away. We expect from the rescuers that those buried are found soon."

An eight-seater helicopter more often used to carry tourists has begun ferrying supplies to the villages, some of which are suffering from power and water cuts.

Authorities have transported more than 300 people since the disaster, but the list of people wanting to ride is long.

Meantime, rescuers used heavy machinery to remove slush clogging a tunnel on Friday in a search for more survivors, though hopes of finding anyone alive were fading.

Soldiers deployed to the area have flown a drone inside the tunnel to take pictures and tried to drill a path into it but made little headway. So far there has been no signs of life.