Hilarious Video Shows Women Freaking Out as Whales Come Near Boat

A family enjoying the sunset on a yacht near Cabo San Lucas in Mexico yelled in excitement and fear when playful whales came right by the boat and jumped out of the water.

The hilarious footage was recorded by Melissa Icaza Lopez and shows her reaction when one of the whales jumps right behind her. As the mammals repeatedly resurface near the boat, more screams can be heard from behind the camera.

Icaza Lopez said that her family had seen whales from afar the previous day, and asked the boat’s captain to go looking for them. After one family member spotted a mammal coming out of the water, they decided to follow it.

“Turns out they were two curious whales who gave us a show,” she said. “Since we had no other boat around us, [they] got really close to us and even jumped in front of the yacht. It was an amazing and breathtaking moment.”

She uploaded the footage to her TikTok account with the caption, “This is what happens when two whales get close to someone who is terrified of the open sea.” Credit: Melissa Icaza López via Storyful