This hilarious trend that tests dogs' loyalty is going viral on TikTok

This trend that tests dogs' loyalty is going viral on TikTok. The pet owners run in different directions forcing their dogs to make a decision on who to follow. The first clip shows Michigan-based Megan Maxheimer and her husband run in opposite directions away from their three dogs. One of the pooches follows the man, one chases after Megan but then changes his mind and the other dog goes for his "mum." "Well, I feel betrayed. But it was definitely fun," said Megan. The final video shows Malika Akhmetova, living in Kazakhstan, and her husband try the challenge but their dog has other ideas. Logan, their dog, simply watches on as his owners run in separate directions, Malika said: "I saw this challenge and was happy to try it with my dog, Logan. I thought that Logan would run after my husband because he perceives him as a leader. "But it was so unexpected when he neither went after me nor my husband and just started eating the sticks on the floor! This was so surprising and funny."