All the Hilarious Internet Reactions to the 2024 Met Gala

"How I want the world to treat me."

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What do you get when you fill one of the largest museums in the world with hundreds of Hollywood's biggest names dressed in their interpretations of a highly imaginative theme? Well, an X (the social media platform formerly known as Twitter) feed full of hilarious Tweets, of course. Yup, the first Monday of May came and went, which means it was fashion's biggest night—the 2024 Met Gala—and the internet had a lot to say about it.

Like every year, the evening saw enough star power to launch a rocket; the co-chair cohort alone included the likes of Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Hemsworth, and Bad Bunny. The 450-person guest list coupled with the largely ambiguous dress code, "Garden of Time," and the general chaotic New York City energy meant fans were in for quite a ride. The celebrities did not disappoint, and neither did the hordes of chronically online onlookers, who were buzzing about everything from Zendaya's two wow-worthy looks to Doja Cat showing up in a...towel?

See below for all the funniest internet reactions to the gala's most eventful moments.

Everyone Lost Their Minds Over Zendaya's Look

They Really Gave Credit Where It's Due


Law Roach Never Misses

The Barbs Came Out for Their Queen

Let's Be Real, the Theme Was so 'Hunger Games'-coded

Our Victors

Everyone's Favorite Duo

The Tyla Treatment

Everyone Who Should've Been There

She Would've Taken the Cake

The Greatest Arrival

If It's Not Homemade, I Don't Want It

When Art Imitates Life

The Internet Wanted More From the Men...

And Some More Color

X Users Passed Out a Lot of Low Marks

And Imagined What Life Could Be Like

But Not Before They Shared Their Fashion Credentials

At Least They Were Self-Aware

Many Were Worried About Kim's Ability to Breathe

Some Were Confused by Doja Cat's Look

Everyone Needs a Friend Like Cardi B

And, Of Course, a Moment for All the Celebs Who Didn't Show

Including the Met Gala's Reigning Queen

This One Really Hurt

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