Hilarious Great Dane Pup 'Slaps' Owner When She Wants Attention

A pup in New South Wales, Australia, is certainly not shy about asking for some attention, if hilarious footage posted to TikTok on February 7 is anything to go by.

The viral clip shows enormous 10-month-old great Dane puppy Scout appearing to ‘slap’ owner Nicole Classen as she launches at her with her paw.

Classen told Storyful that Scout ‘slaps’ her in this way every day around 4:30 pm “because she is ready to go train and play” and that is her way of letting her know.

“Judging from the comments in this video it seems to be a very common funny quirk with great Danes and other large breeds,” Classen said.

“Don’t be fooled by the slap though,” she added. “99.8 percent of the time she is the sweetest, most cuddly dog I’ve ever known, she loves to sit right on top of you to be as close as possible.” Credit: Nicole Classen via Storyful

Video transcript