Highly Venomous Snake Found Under Gym Mat in Australia

A highly venomous eastern small-eyed snake was found among a stack of gym mats in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, on Monday, August 29, according to a video on the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook page.

This footage shows Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 carefully removing the snake, which had curled up under the gym mat, before relocating it to the wild.

“It’s not very often we get to catch the small-eyed snake,” McKenzie says as he releases the reptile into a wooded area.

According to the Australian Museum, small-eyed snakes are very secretive and unlikely to be encountered in the open during the day. While the toxicity of the venom seems to vary geographically, the effect on humans can range from no symptoms to renal failure and possibly death, the museum’s site said. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

STUART MCKENZIE: It's always exciting when you're on your way to a job and you know what you're about to catch. And in this particular occasion, it's actually a snake that we don't see all that often. And that's an Eastern Small-Eyed snake. So they're highly venomous. They're a nocturnal species. You do not want to get bitten by one. But this lady has got one, apparently, underneath some matting in her garage or shed area. So she needs it relocated.

- Under that top blue mat.

STUART MCKENZIE: Under the top one?

- Yes.

STUART MCKENZIE: Yeah, right. Under the top one. Oh, it's still there. Yeah, right. A little Small-Eyed snake. Actually, it looks like it's opaque.

All good, dear. Oh, cheeky little thing. There it is. Beautiful little snake. [INAUDIBLE] for too long. [LAUGHS] Here you go, buddy. Excellent.

It's not very often we get to catch the Small-Eyed snake. It's a nocturnal species, like I said. Pretty secretive. But considered highly venomous so certainly a snake you should respect, like all snakes. How are you, buddy? There you are. All right, I'll put you on the ground. Off you go. Back in the bush. Look at that tongue flickering at me. He's like, what the hell's going on here?