High school seniors leave campus after Chinese school suspended again due to coronavirus pandemic

High school seniors left campus after their school was suspended again due to a resurgence in the coronavirus pandemic in northern China.

The video, filmed in the city of Jilin in Jilin Province on May 12, shows senior students in Jilin No.1 High school, who are preparing for the university entrance exam, shouting out slogans together to encourage themselves before they left the school.

In another clip, students can be seen carrying their belongings to walk out of the campus, while saying "Jiayou" to encourage themselves.

According to reports, several coronavirus cases have emerged in the city again with 21 new cases have been confirmed in less than a week.

Therefore, the local school board has ordered the senior students in middle schools and high schools to go back home for online courses again from May 12.

The video was provided by local media with permission.