High School Football Team Goes Wild After Coach Proposes to Girlfriend Amid Victory Celebrations

A high school football team in Alexander City, Alabama, erupted in cheers on October 28, when, after winning the game, their coach seized the moment to propose to his girlfriend.

Video recorded by the coach’s mother, Vivian Harris, shows Jacob Walls hugging his girlfriend Emily before bending on one knee. The hyped-up football team then bounces in, loudly cheering the proposal.

Jacob Walls told Storyful that his family knew of his intention to propose, should his team, the Benjamin Russell Wildcats, win the game.

“As Benjamin Russell rolled towards its best finish in years, complete with a playoff berth, I thought ‘what better way to to celebrate?’” he said, adding that Emily and the players were “kept in the dark.”

“Luckily she said ‘yes’ … I got the ring in June and just waited for the right time. This was a really big highlight and I will cherish [it] forever.”

Harris told Storyful that the football team was like family to her son, and that “having them with him on his special moment was something he won’t soon forget.” Credit: Vivian Harris via Storyful

Video transcript


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