High prices slice into Thanksgiving turkey

STORY: Soaring inflation means U.S. consumers are paying more for almost everything. And this Thanksgiving - that means your turkey too.

From the cost of feed, to processing the hearty birds...

Getting turkeys from the farm to supermarkets and eventually to your dinner table has grown much more costly this year, even as farmers are working overtime to keep prices down.

"Well, everything's more expensive, I mean, honestly we raise our own corn to feed our turkeys."

Robert Kauffman is the owner of Ho-Ka Turkey Farm in Illinois. He says he’s not cutting corners when it comes to taking care of his turkeys at his family business.

But that means passing the cost onto consumers.

"Everything's more expensive. You have inflation, the price just goes up and you've got to pay it. So, then we've got to charge more and hopefully, our customers will pay more, too.”

And so, Kauffman has raised his prices by 8 percent.

But there’s more than just turkey on the table…

According to a survey from the American Farm Bureau Federation, the price of an average Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people has risen about 20% since last year.

The same survey reveals the price of a 16-pound turkey has increased by 21% since 2021 – the highest price in the survey’s 37-year history.

It has some farmers like Kauffman wondering about the future.

"I figure every year is my last year in business and when the year's over, I look back and decide whether we can try it again. So, we'll see how it goes."