Are high heels making a comeback?

STORY: Are high heels making a comeback?

Locator: New York

“I feel like a million bucks when I put heels on.”

"I look more confident.”

"Maybe they want to express themselves more now.."

Comfort reigned supreme during lockdowns

with one research firm saying

sales for heels hit rock bottom in 2020

but those numbers are climbing

as social events pop back up this year

(Beth Goldstein, NDP Group Industry Analyst)

"High heels actually have outperformed a lot of other categories. And that's when you look at their performance versus last year because they still were so depressed last year. So, the improvement is there, but they're not back to the level of 2019 sales like many other categories are."

Bloomingdale's says its been seeing

an uptick in demand from their customers

(Marissa Galante Frank, Bloomingdale’s)

“She is excited to go back to the office, she's excited to go to that first social event again. So, high heels are definitely on the top of her shopping list.”