'He's Not Gonna Make It': Car Slides Down Snowy Hill in Portland

A driver in Portland, Oregon, faced an uphill battle as they attempted to maintain control of their car on a snowy hill on February 22.

Footage from Erin McCune shows a car pulling onto the road and beginning to slide sideways down the icy hill.

“He’s not gonna make it,” McClune can be heard saying as the car begins to slip.

Another voice chimes in with, “That’s not the way that you want to go down that hill.”

At the last moment, the car swerves to straighten up, albeit facing the wrong way.

McClune told Storyful that both the driver and the car ultimately left the scene unscathed. Credit: Erin McCune via Storyful

Video transcript

ERIN MCCUNE: OK, now you can call. Oh, he's sliding a bit. He can't-- he's having trouble. Oh.


- He's not--

ERIN MCCUNE: Yeah, he's not going to make it. Don't. OK.

- That's not the way that you want to go down that hill.


- Going.


- Turn into the skid.



- Whoa, he really lucked out.

ERIN MCCUNE: Oh, he was going to go into Andy's front yard. Yeah.

- Yeah.

ERIN MCCUNE: He's still trying.

- Feel like going out and helping the drivers solve this.

ERIN MCCUNE: Yeah. They're not going to listen.

- I tried. I went out there. I was like, just put your e-flashers on. I'll make you a cup of tea. He's, like, no, thank you. OK, well.