'He's Got the Birth Certificate!' British Tourist Ambushed by Thieving Monkeys Ahead of Gibraltar Wedding

A pre-wedding hike up the Rock of Gibraltar was derailed on August 22 when the groom, bride and their families were ambushed by a troop of monkeys.

This footage of the incident, shot by Fui Mee Quek, shows her now son-in-law, Gabriel, standing with a Barbary macaque perched on his shoulder. The monkey unzips the Briton’s backpack and rummages through in search of food.

“He’s got the birth certificate,” someone remarks, prompting Gabriel to exclaim, “Oh s***.”

However, the document was not of any interest to the monkey and joined the bulk of the contents of Gabriel’s backpack on the ground, where he managed to secure it with his foot.

In the video, when Quek tries to pick up Gabriel’s birth certificate, he refuses to remove his foot, saying, “No, I’m not getting off it.”

Quek told Storyful that moments before Gabriel was mugged, the monkeys stole some freshly bought Iberica ham from the bride’s sister.

“I ran back to warn the rest of the group,” she said. “Alas, too late!” Credit: Fui Mee Quek via Storyful