Heroic animal lovers undergo dangerous conditions to rescue stranded dog on Damansara Perdana cliff (VIDEO)

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, March 20 — For the past few days, a stray dog stranded on the treacherous cliff of Forest Hill in Damansara Perdana has been drawing attention on social media.

The situation seemed hopeless until a group of animal lovers took on the mission of rescuing the male mutt, spearheaded by seasoned rescuer Francis Poh.

According to Poh, the mission turned out to be one of the hardest he had undertaken in his more than 10 years of rescuing.

It all started when Poh was alerted of the matter after social media users tagged him in a post on Saturday (March 18).

After mapping out what needed to be done, Poh and three other animal lovers set out on a boat at 8am Sunday (March 19) for the rescue mission.

“Our initial plan was to climb the hill from the lake but after about two hours, we aborted the plan as the terrain was not conducive for us to climb up,” he told Malay Mail.

Later the team decided to take another route from the construction site above the hill in the hopes the mission would be a success.

But upon arriving at the site, the team had to put up with another set of problems.

“We had to hike for quite a distance while being guided by the site supervisor and led by fellow rescuer Kevan De Silva, before managing to determine the dog’s location,” he said.

Poh added that De Silva’s friend — identified as Mr Gan — had coordinated from the lakeside to lead the team to the canine.

After the dog’s position was confirmed, Poh and De Silva abseiled down the cliff and the dog was grabbed by De Silva.

The dog was released at the construction site after the team reached the top safely.

“We ended up with scratches on our limbs as some of the vegetation we encountered had sharp thorns but thankfully none of us sustained any serious injuries.”

Poh attributed the successful rescue to all animal lovers.

“There were actually many who wanted to follow us but due to safety reasons, I only roped in De Silva, Stefan Chong, Cheong Chia Ling and Azhar Abd Majid as each of them had their own specialties.”

Poh said there was another group of animal lovers who were stationed at the lakeside to watch out for them.

“Gan used two coloured umbrellas to guide us to the dog’s location while Azhar sat on a boat in case the dog fell from the cliff into the lake,” he said.

The rescue mission was completed at 4.30pm after the team returned and were treated to a meal.