Heroes smash through walls of a home to save stuck cat in Padang, Indonesia

Heroes from the local fire department, and a selfless willingness to sacrifice the walls of a home for the sake of a pet, saved one lucky cat trapped inside the wall of a building in Padang, Indonesia. The foolish feline had become stuck in the gap between two walls of a resident's home in the West Sumatra city on Sunday 20 November. The local fire department arrived, but it was difficult to reach the cat with either their hands or a hook, so they had no option but to try and break the wall down. Using both a concrete cutting machine and hammers, the team eventually rescued the scared-looking animal, which then calmed down when it was transferred to a member of the family that owns it. The process took around 30 minutes and thanks to the careful efforts of the fire fighters, the lucky white cat was unhurt. The head of the Padang City fire team, Sutan Hendra, said that according to the owner's account, "the pet cat escaped from supervision and was playing on the roof when it fell between two walls of the resident's house."