Herman Ho denies Auston Lam is frozen by TVB

21 May – Voice Entertainment's CEO Herman Ho has recently denied rumours that Auston Lam's work has been reduced by TVB due to his wife's political opinion.

As reported on Mingpao, the music producer who spoke about the recent speculations about Auston's absence from the promotional events of his TVB series, "Brutally Young", shared that the singer has recently been hosting the newly-revamped show, "Jade Solid Gold" and has been busy focusing on the said programme.

"He has a big responsibility in moderating the show. So, no, the rumour that he has no work is false," he added.

Asked if Auston's wife Tammy Ou Yang has affected the singer's work at all by her daring political views, Herman stated that he doesn't know what the actress has said and would rather not make any comments.

"If there is a new song that is suitable for him, I would arrange for Auston to record it. But when it comes to dramas, that is up to his manager," he added.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)