Here's when Modern Warfare 3 unlocks in your region

 Graves, Price and a zombie.
Graves, Price and a zombie.

Here's what we'll be doing first in MW3

A sniping mission in Modern Warfare 3
A sniping mission in Modern Warfare 3

As soon as MW3 unlocks in our region, the TechRadar Gaming team will mostly be jumping into Multiplayer to start leveling up weapons and earning Mastery Camos. Elsewhere, there's the new Zombies mode, offering the largest Zombies map to date. Certainly worth trying out to see how the fan-favorite mode works at a larger scale.

Modern Warfare 3 is set to launch very soon indeed. It's already launched its Campaign Mode for players who pre-ordered the game, but there's still plenty left to come. Namely, the Multiplayer and Zombies modes, both of which offer a unique spin on the tried and tested Call of Duty formula.

Whether or not you're looking to jump into Modern Warfare 3 as early as possible, or just wanting to know when servers go live for your mode of choice, you'll want to know the unlock times for your particular region. There's not much time left before we all find out how the game fares critically, and whether or not we choose to include it in our best FPS games list.

Here's the Modern Warfare 3 unlock time for each major region, including a look at the earliest possible time you can jump into the action. Activision has now confirmed these times, so start gearing up for launch!

Modern Warfare 3 unlock time for your region

The unlock times for Modern Warfare 3 displayed on a map of the world
The unlock times for Modern Warfare 3 displayed on a map of the world

Modern Warfare III becomes available to play in as part of a rolling launch, starting in New Zealand at midnight (November 10, at 12AM GMT+13), which is November 9, at 3 AM PT (USA). The game will be fully live worldwide by 10 PM PT on November 9. You can check out the image embedded above this paragraph for the precise PC timings for the release of the game, or check out the list below:

  • 9pm PT (November 9)

  • 12am ET (November 10)

  • 5am GMT (November 10)

  • 6am CET (November 10)

So there you have it, those are the unlock times for Modern Warfare 3, depending on your region. As detailed above, console players will receive the game via a regional rollout. The exact details haven't been shared, but expect to be playing the game by November 9 at 10PM PT / November 10 at 1AM ET / November 10 at 6AM GMT at the latest. For more on the game, be sure to check out our look at the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign mission list and rewards.