Here's the launch trailer for V Rising's 1.0 version, releasing very soon

 V Rising .
V Rising .

Vampire empire survival and crafting RPG V Rising has a proper launch trailer ahead of its 1.0 launch this week on May 8—almost exactly two years from its May 17, 2022 Early Access release.

The trailer goes over the experience of what V Rising is, a crafting and base-building survival RPG about vampires conquering the mortal world and each other, and also goes into some detail about the upcoming 1.0 release patch and what it'll have in store.

The release patch will include  Dracula's fallen kingdom Mortium, a dynamic zone that has players battle agains the remnants of the self-proclaimed vampire king's legions. The rest of the game world has also gotten some new love, with reworks and touchups to old zones and additions—like a new light engine—that set the mood.

The update will also have three difficulty levels, a new addition to V Rising, that range from a more-chill Relaxed mode to an extra-hard Brutal setting. There'll also be new dark sorcery to learn, new weapons like whips and bows to use, new unique weapons to collect, and a spider form. For, you know, turning into a giant evil spider.

Classic vampire stuff.

V Rising was a surprise hit back in 2022 and has sold well over three million copies by now. It's so successful that it's getting a crossover with Castlevania where whip-wielding Simon Belmont comes to kill you.

Part of that's down to the crafting and castle building, but more so it has found fans of its combat style. It's very timing and skill-based, with players moving and aiming attacks manually in contrast to more click-and-move isometric action RPGs.

You can find V Rising on Steam. You can find details of the V Rising launch update on Stunlock Studios' V Rising website.