Here's Which Crystal You Should Use, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

From lapis lazuli to rose quartz, here are the best crystals for each zodiac sign, according to an astrologer

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Best crystals for each zodiac sign

Ever wonder which crystal aligns best with your zodiac sign?

Astrologers believe each sign in the zodiac has its own unique vibration, and when paired with what's thought to be the grounding influence of crystals, their strengths can become heightened. Whether if trying to improve communication or find emotional healing, there is a crystal out there for everyone who is interested in trying it.

Although the properties of using crystals are not scientifically proven, the benefits of what's known as crystal healing have become widely embraced in the wellness community over time.

Practitioners also say that by choosing a crystal that resonates with your zodiac sign, you can tap into its energy to enhance your own. More importantly, in the world of astrology, when considering the lighter and darker attributes of your zodiac sign, the right crystal can help balance and harmonize these aspects, contributing to your personal growth and development.

Additionally, all 12 zodiac archetypes are represented by a planet, which is important to consider when choosing the crystal that works best for you. For instance, if your zodiac sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and assertiveness, incorporating crystals that can help you harness the energy of Mars can essentially bring you a sense of courage and inspiration.

Read on for the crystal that can help you bring the best out of your zodiac sign.

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Aries: Carnelian

<p>Getty</p> Carnelian



Aries would benefit greatly from owning a carnelian, as it deeply resonates with their dynamic and passionate nature. This stone is thought by users to boost courage, confidence and motivation — traits that perfectly align with this Mars-ruled sign’s personality. Carnelian’s grounding properties can also help balance Aries’ impulsivity and desire for action so they can navigate challenges with increased clarity and determination.

Taurus: Jade

<p>Getty</p> Jade



Green, like their grounding Earth element, the jade stone is seen as supporting everything from Taurus’ desire for stability to their affinity for comfort. Despite being ruled by pleasure-seeking Venus, Taurus is naturally dependable and committed, and astrologers believe that incorporating jade into their lives can help enhance their focus and determination. This crystal is also a magnet for prosperity and abundance, making it a must-have for this Earth sign.

Gemini: Lapis lazuli

<p>Getty</p> Lapis lazuli


Lapis lazuli

Geminis interested in crystals and astrology should carry lapis lazuli with them because it is thought by users to enhance their communication skills and support their clarity. This crystal also stimulates the mind, practitioners believe, encouraging deep contemplation and effective expression rather than solely keeping things surface-level. Lapis lazuli can also help this Air sign balance their scattered thoughts and find peace of mind.

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Cancer: Moonstone

<p>Getty</p> Moonstone



Ruled by the moon, it’s no wonder Cancers would benefit from owning a moonstone. Crystal users say it not only aligns with their intuitive and nurturing qualities but also helps them manage their feelings and temper their mood swings. This Water sign is innately receptive and sensitive to their environment, so incorporating the moonstone into their spiritual practice can help strengthen their intuition and emotional stability.

Leo: Tiger's eye

<p>Getty</p> Tiger's eye


Tiger's eye

Leo’s connection to the tiger’s eye crystal goes beyond their feline association, according to practitioners. This stone is believed to amplify Leo’s confidence, courage and leadership skills, providing a sense of grounding and protection. This Fire sign is naturally passionate and outgoing, and the tiger’s eye crystal can help them stay focused and grounded in the process. It’s a great way for Leo to harness their inner strength and shine even brighter in their endeavors.

Virgo: Fluorite

<p>Getty</p> Fluorite



Crystal users say that the fluorite stone enhances focus and clarity, aligning perfectly with Virgo’s mercurial precision. This stone is also said to aid in decision-making, which can help this Earth sign navigate problems easily. Its ability to cleanse and stabilize the aura supports Virgo’s pursuit of health and well-being.

Libra: Rose quartz

<p>Getty</p> Rose quartz


Rose quartz

Governed by Venus, Libras thrive on harmony and balance in their relationships. The rose quartz, often referred to as the stone of unconditional love, is perfect for this Air sign, according to astrologers and crystal users. In addition to fostering self-love and acceptance, its gentle energy aligns with Libra’s desire for beauty and harmony, enhancing their natural charm and diplomacy.

Scorpio: Red Jasper

<p>Getty</p> Red Jasper


Red Jasper

Scorpios are notorious for their intensity, and their passion and depth would benefit greatly from the red jasper stone. In addition to being renowned for its grounding and stabilizing properties, practitioners say, this stone can help this Water sign manage its powerful emotions and stay focused. Its protective energy supports Scorpio’s natural inclination for rebirth and transformation.

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Sagittarius: Amazonite

<p>Getty</p> Amazonite



This Jupiter-ruled sign is known among crystal users for its adventurous and optimistic nature, which means its benefits could come in handy in more ways than one. This stone is known for its ability to soothe the spirit and calm the soul, supporting this Fire sign in its attempt to maintain balance amidst its restlessness. It encourages exploration and personal growth, making it a must-have for Sagittarius’ adventures.

Capricorn: Smoky quartz

<p>Getty</p> Smoky quartz


Smoky quartz

Capricorn’s connection to taskmaster Saturn explains why they’re often pragmatic and practical in their pursuits. The grounding influence of the smoky quartz crystal, however, can help Capricorn stay focused, enhancing their ability to achieve their goals with a clear mindset, practitioners say. This stone is also thought by crystal users to promote stability and resilience, supporting this Earth sign’s disciplined nature.

Aquarius: Amethyst

<p>Getty</p> Amethyst



This Uranus-ruled Air sign is often celebrated by astrologers for its innovative and visionary mind, making the amethyst a must-have for its forward-thinking perspective. In addition to promoting clarity and focus, according to what practitioners believe, this stone can help Aquarius cultivate creativity and open-mindedness, something they can benefit from considering their fixed element. The amethyst can also support Aquarius’ spiritual insight, which, in turn, empowers their inventive spirit.

Pisces: Labradorite

<p>Getty</p> Labradorite



Governed by Neptune, Pisces is known among astrologers for its dreamy and intuitive nature, and the mystical labradorite can enhance this Water sign’s spiritual awareness. Like Pisces’ elusive and mutable essence, the labradorite stone’s hues consistently adapt to the light, often changing color. This stone encourages creativity and imagination, supporting Pisces’ artistic pursuits and spiritual depth, crystal users say.

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