Here's a chaos co-op take on getting boxes off the shipping floor and out the factory door

 Ready Steady Ship.
Ready Steady Ship.

A just-released chaotic game in the vein of PlateUp and Overcooked takes the genre to the wild world of, uh, shipping logistics. Asking you to get boxes out the warehouse door as quickly as you can, Ready, Steady, Ship! is playable by yourself or in two player couch co-op, which you can also run via Steam's remote play together.

Each round is fairly simple: You'll get an inflow of packages and they need to go out a specific door. Your job is to take all the equipment—conveyor belts, tools, packagers, sorters, flippers, sliders, and the like—and arrange it into a form that'll let you and your co-op partner get the packages through as quick as you can.

That obviously gets completely mad very quickly as new concepts are introduced. Boxes might need to be packed onto a pallet and wrapped, but the finished pallet can only be moved using your single forklift. Maybe a kind of box gets moved via crane. Maybe the warehouse this level is on an airplane and the back opens up and sucks all the boxes out so you have to put parachutes on them before they're "shipped."

The weirdness only goes up from there. Factories in space or on flying platforms. Factories with pools of acid to destroy your packages in. Warehouses with weird puddles that you can use to slide packaging across the floor at high speed. Springboards that can launch packages from one belt to another. You get the drift.

The obvious major downside is that it's a maximum of two player cooperative. The developer notes that it's best with two people rather than solo.

You can find Ready, Steady, Ship on Steam.