Herd of 'Evil' Deer Spotted in Brisbane Suburb

A herd of seven “evil” bark-eating deer were spotted running through a suburban street in Mount Ommaney, Queensland, recently.

Video recorded by Mihitha Rajith Kankanamge’s dashcam on May 27 shows a group of deer gathered along a grassy area at night. Kankanamge’s headlights startle the creatures, causing them to run across the street into another pocket of the suburb.

The video shows the protective fences residents have erected around the neighborhood’s trees. “It’s actually to stop the deer eating the bark because when they run out of grass they start on bark,” Shealagh Walker of the Centenary and District Environment Action Inc, told 9news.

According to 9news “residents in Brisbane’s southwest have been warned of a growing deer population wandering suburban streets, blocking roads and ruining native bushland” as well as a local golf course.

Walker added, “They’re not nice deer, they’re not Bambi, they’re not Rudolf, they’re evil deer.” Credit: Mihitha Rajith Kankanamge via Storyful

Video transcript


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