Herd of Deer Stops for Snack While Snowstorm Slams New Jersey

As snow continued to pummel New Jersey on February 1, one herd of deer was not going to let inclement weather ruin their snacking schedule, trudging through several inches of snow to visit Daryl Wayne’s home for their routine afternoon nosh.

“I feed this group of deer pretty much on a daily basis. When they see me come out the back door, they literally run to me like little puppies,” Wayne told Storyful.

Wayne recorded video footage from inside her home as the six deer ate the fruits, deer feed, and bread she had put out for them at the edge of her backyard.

“When they showed up last night the snow was up to their bellies,” Wayne said.

Even though snowfall has slowed considerably and the storm is expected to have passed through the area by Tuesday evening, New Jersey Gov Phil Murphy has requested that all residents stay indoors to let emergency responders have access to the roads. Credit: Daryl Wayne via Storyful