Herd of buffalo use zebra crossing on busy road in Thailand

A herd of buffalo waited patiently at a zebra crossing before they finally ran across the busy road in Thailand, reaching the other side unharmed.

Footage shows the family of 15 of the animals line up on one side of the road in the southern city of Hat Yai on April 27.

As there are no traffic lights in sight, an adorable calf makes a few attempts to lead the herd across the road but then has to back down to avoid oncoming cars.

Finally, the road is clear, and a bull leads his family to the other side safely.

Locals say these buffaloes cross the road at the same crossing every day, in order to reach the canal on the other side where grass and fresh water await.

In each crossing, they must wait for several minutes as this road happens to be the city’s important traffic route.

It is reported the buffaloes have never caused accidents and always come out to the other side safely.