Hennessy shots and a lot of swearing: Marshawn Lynch on 'Manningcast' was epic

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The last time we saw Peyton and Eli Manning on "Monday Night Football," they were running afoul of their ESPN bosses by flipping the double bird on national television.

So naturally, the first guest during their first game back was Marshawn Lynch.

The Seattle Seahawks great was his vintage self while appearing on ESPN's Manningcast, and America was the better for it. The appearance started with Eli asking Lynch if he had observed his old pregame ritual of taking a shot of Hennessy. Lynch's response: he had taken three, one for him and each of the Manning brothers.

In case you're wondering why noted Tennessee alum Peyton Manning is wearing an Ole Miss jersey, he lost a bet to Eli over the recent Tennessee-Ole Miss game.

The Mannings' Lynch interview soon veered into the unavoidable, with Peyton asking if Lynch would want the ball on fourth-and-short, possibly near the goal line. Lynch could only laugh and say "Put the ball in my hands" before the first commercial break hit.

When they returned, Eli went off-camera to supposedly take his own shot of Hennessy. At that point, what little remained of Lynch's internal censor appeared to short out, as he would proceed to dip into the Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television four different times, including a profane evaluation of the famous helmet catch and a surprised reaction to a flag.

Things did get interesting when Peyton prodded Lynch about coming out of retirement, specifically to play with Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After a six-second pause, Lynch said no:

No ... As much as I would love to go line it up with [Brady], I just ... naw, I am satisfied where I am at. I would have some stipulations —"

"It would probably work out for [Brady] because I wouldn't want to run much, and I am pretty good at picking up pass pro. So you know, I can sit back there a little bit. Now, if I could take one of y'all with me so I could be sitting on the bench to have some of this little conversation, hell yeah, I'll go and do it like that. But I don't know how ready. y'all are to be going back."

As luck would have it, the Mannings' next guest was ... Tom Brady.

Lynch would eventually leave after two commercial breaks, but his presence was still felt, in the form of another apology from Peyton.

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