Helpful Dog Fetches Owner Soda From Refrigerator in Ontario

A helpful pup in Ontario, Canada, showed off his training recently when he grabbed his owner a soda from the refrigerator in their home, then closed the door.

Dog owner Taylor Boland is seen in the video giving commands to one-year-old chocolate Labrador Mako in footage taken on October 31.

“He has been able to do this trick since he was about 10 months old,” Boland said. “I did all the training myself with him.”

Boland can be heard telling Mako to get him a soda. The Lab quickly responds, opening the refrigerator using a towel tied to the handle, and grabbing a can of soda in his mouth. He gives the drink to Boland, and with some additional direction, closes the refrigerator door. Credit: Taylor Boland via Storyful