With help of friends, young Pahang cancer survivor with one leg completes 7km school road run (VIDEO)

Mark Ryan Raj
Haikal, aided by his friend, walks along the course during SMK Muadzam Shah’s annual school road run.—Picture via Facebook/SMK Muadzam Shah The Official

PETALING JAYA, Jan 20 — Completing a cross country or road run course is never an easy feat, but it is achievable with some help and good company.

This was proven by a group of secondary school students when they helped their amputee friend instead of racing through the seven-kilometre course during their school’s annual road run.

Last week, on January 17, SMK Muadzam Shah in Pahang took to Facebook to share the inspiring story of one of their students, Haikal Mikail, who completed the run despite having bone cancer.

He also had to have one of his legs amputated because of the illness.

“His involvement sometimes creates lots of perception in the eyes of those who look at him, but that is young Haikal Mikail,” the post said. 

“A very strong human being who has risen from his battle with bone cancer and has never been ashamed of who he is, even though people may look at him differently.”

The post said Haikal’s teachers had previously advised him not to take part in the road run but he was adamant not to be left out because of his disability and wanted to join his other schoolmates. 

It added that Haikal also politely refuses to sit in a chair during school assemblies, saying “Don’t worry, I’m fine” before smiling. 

“He kept insisting on joining in on the training sessions before the road run and then for the actual event too.”

“His passion and determination drove him to not use his disability as an excuse to not try. He’s an example and inspiration of success to us all at SMK Muadzam Shah, and Malaysians too.”

Haikal’s resolve paid off, as even his teachers couldn’t stop him from wanting to be a part of the school’s road run, as he joined his fellow classmates during the event day. 

Throughout the entire seven-kilometres, Haikal’s friend walked by his side and helped him complete the course.—Picture via Facebook/SMK Muadzam Shah The Official

Despite his disadvantage, Haikal soldiered on with a smile on his face through the arduous seven-kilometre long course but did not have to do it alone as his friends were right there by his side, helping him along the way. 

One of his friends can be seen holding out his arm to support Haikal as they walk and even carry him piggyback when he got a little tired from walking with the crutches.

To reward both Haikal and his friend, their teachers banded together to buy them gifts for their inspirational conduct during the road run. 

Touched by Haikal’s willpower and strength, along with the noble act of his friends to help him, social media users sang praise for Haikal and his friend as they commended them for their endeavour. 

Social media users were inspired by Haikal’s determination.—Screengrab via Facebook/SMK Muadzam Shah The Official

“Well done and congratulations young man, I hope you continue to excel and hops may everything become easier for you,” wrote one user. 

“Congratulations to Haikal and his determination, perseverance and strength to overcome it all,” wrote another user. 

SMK Muadzam Shah’s post about Haikal has since garnered over 2,000 likes, with over 500 comments on Facebook. 

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