Helldivers 2 players fully liberate the Umlaut Sector with time to spare, (hopefully) clearing four planets with Super Earth's deadliest bug spray for good [UPDATED]

 Helldivers 2.
Helldivers 2.

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  • Update: Another Helldivers victory! Helldivers 2's community has rallied to wrest control of Erata Prime away from the Terminid bugs just hours after it freed Meridia on Friday afternoon. With all four of the Umlaut Sector's planets now liberated, the Major Order has been completed and Super Earth should be all clear to activate the Terminid Control System.

  • A few days after freeing Tien Kwan from Automaton control, Helldivers 2 players have a new Major Order to liberate all four planets in the Umlaut Sector from the Terminid bugs.

  • The community has a week to complete this Major Order; if it does, we'll get to use the Terminid Control System — "a network of massive, Termicide-dispensing towers" — to permanently clear the bugs off these planets.

  • Everyone in the community will also be rewarded with 50 Warbond Medals, too, which can be used to unlock items from the new Cutting Edge Warbond that's coming to Helldivers 2 on Thursday.

  • The Major Order came shortly after a new patch that reduced Charger and Bile Titan spawn rates while also nerfing the health of the Charger's head, allowing players to one-shot them with rocket launcher headshots.

Update 3/15/2024 at 9:38 p.m. PT / 3/16/2024 at 12:38 a.m. ET: Victory! Several hours after freeing Meridia of bug infestation on Friday afternoon, hundreds of thousands in the Helldivers 2 community rallied to wrest control of Erata Prime away from the Terminids as well. As a result, all four of the planets in the Umlaut Sector have been taken, paving the way for SEAF reinforcements to activate the Terminid Control System and permanently safeguard the worlds with Termicide...provided something doesn't go wrong (something probably will at some point, but don't let a Democracy Officer hear you say that).

Thanks to the heroic efforts of Super Earth's finest space marines — and also all that fancy new gear that became available when the Cutting Edge Warbond — the relevant Major Order has been completed. A new one hasn't come in yet, but all players have received 50 Warbond Medals as a reward for finishing this one. I've already used mine to get my hands on the snazzy plasma variant of the Punisher shotgun in the Cutting Edge pass, though they can be used to unlock any Warbond gear or cosmetics you want.

Notably, players have managed to finish this Major Order with over three days left on its timer, which is very impressive. I'm a little surprised Joel the Game Master allowed the community to achieve total victory so rapidly, though I'm certainly not complaining. Besides, the win was more than earned, as hundreds of thousands of Helldivers have been deployed around the clock for the cause.

As for what's next? I suspect the next Major Order will direct all Super Earth forces back to the Automaton front in the western sectors. We won't know for sure what Liberty needs from its democracy defenders until it comes down from SEAF Command, though.

It's been several days since the Helldivers 2 community freed Tien Kwan from Automaton control and ensured our shiny new Exosuit mechs could start rolling off the assembly line without issues, and now, it's time to put them to the test. A new Major Order just came in from Super Earth Command, and it's a tall one: the Helldivers have been tasked with liberating all four of the worlds in the Umlaut Sector from the Terminids, and we've only got a week to do it.

If we're not able to complete enough planetary operations to achieve victory over the bugs by the morning of March 19, these Barrier Planets (worlds on the perimeter of Super Earth's inner sectors) will be overrun by full infestations. Should we succeed, though, we'll get to activate the Terminid Control System — "a network of massive, Termicide-dispensing towers" that'll wipe out every bug on these planets and safeguard against all future incursions.

Freeing four planets in a week's time will be quite the challenge, though after seeing Liberty's finest rescue a few worlds in just over 24 hours, I'm confident that the community will rise to meet it. Notably, the fight against the Terminids should be a bit easier at higher difficulties than it was before, as this Major Order came alongside a new patch today that reduced Charger and Bile Titan spawn rates, made it possible to one-shot Chargers with a rocket launcher blast to the kisser, and got rid of the infuriating Electronic Countermeasures modifier.

Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2

As I write this, there are already about 230,000 Helldivers active in the Umlaut Sector, with nearly 100,000 of those fighting on the icy world of Fenrir III. Battle groups 30,000-40,000 strong have deployed to Erata Prime, Meridia, and Turing, though so far, progress on these planets has been negligible.

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On Fenrir III, players will have to deal with the Extreme Cold (reduces fire rates, slows heat buildup in energy weapons) and Meteor Storms (meteorites periodically rain down on the map) modifiers thanks to its perilous, frigid climate. Meanwhile, Erata Prime has the Intense Heat (faster stamina drain, higher heat buildup in energy weapons) and Tremors (earthquakes stun players and enemies) modifiers, while Meridia has Volcanic Activity (eruptions send burning rocks flying) and visibility-reducing Rainstorms. Turing doesn't have any of these hazards, though it does have plenty of thick vegetation that'll slow you down if you try to sprint through it.

The offered reward of 50 Warbond Medals for carrying out the Major Order is excellent — especially since the new Cutting Edge Warbond is about to come out — but the prospect of permanently freeing four planets and committing Termicide with the galaxy's deadliest bug spray is even more exciting. Winning this fight would be a huge step forward in the wider effort to win the Galactic War; losing it could have dire consequences we're not yet aware of.

Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2

It's a good thing those new Exosuit mechs are effective against Terminid bugs, because I'm sure developer Arrowhead and its all-powerful Game Master Joel have pulled the necessary strings to ensure that this will be an uphill battle. The good news, though, is that each planet's Terminid Control System towers will activate as we liberate them. That means once a world is freed, players can move onto the other ones without having to worry about losing the ground they fought for.

It will be interesting to see if the community can strategically coordinate enough to take control of each planet one at a time instead of splitting Super Earth's forces across all of them, though based on Fenrir III's noticeably higher player count, it looks like it's already doing so. That's the front I'm headed to once I get off work later, and right now, it's where you should go if you're looking to have a meaningful impact on the war effort as well.

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