Helldivers 2 update addresses 'failed to connect' server and lobby login issues

Helldivers 2 is a co-op shooter packed with aliens and sci-fi weaponry (Helldivers 2)
Helldivers 2 is a co-op shooter packed with aliens and sci-fi weaponry (Helldivers 2)

Helldivers 2 has proved a big hit, causing major server issues at the weekend, but developer Arrowhead Game Studios has already addressed the issue.

A patch bearing the catchy update number 1.000.005 claims to improve the experience for players.

There were numerous complaints at the weekend about the stability of Helldivers 2, including issues with match-matching and logins.

“In the latest update for Helldivers 2, we have made significant improvements to the server capacity and login access, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for all players,” the update’s patch notes say.

The update brings tweaks to the “server capacity, login access, progression, and mission reward systems”.

Helldivers 2 reached a peak player count of 196,089 players on the PC gaming platform Steam, according to SteamDB. The game is also available on PlayStation 5.

Arrowhead Game Studios CEO John Pilestedt said Helldivers 2 hit a million sales just a few days after its launch on February 8. On February 11, he posted on X, formerly Twitter: “We are around a million right now”. He was responding to an X user comparing the game’s sales to those of Palworld.

He also explained why players were having login issues with Helldivers 2.

“If for any reason you get the “failed to connect to server” issue, it means that the maximum number of login requests for that particular minute is exceeded and/or that the servers are full and will require someone to log out before allowing new players in.”

Helldivers 2’s launch issues are a classic case of a game proving more popular than expected. It means it does not enough slack in the servers to cater to the people flocking to the game.

This also means Helldivers 2 has already made an awful lot of money. It’s not a free game, with it costing £34.99 on the PlayStation Store and Steam.

It’s half the cost of some PlayStation 5 games but does have some significant monetisation elements. These enable Helldivers 2 to earn more money from big fans.

If you’re just here after seeing headlines about the new game, Helldivers 2 is a co-op shooter packed with aliens and sci-fi weaponry.

The original Helldivers was a top-down isometric battler, but this sequel lets you get much closer to the action thanks to its third-person view of the battlefield.