Helen Mirren: Starring in 'Golda' like playing Queen

STORY: [Helen Mirren, Actor]

"I came away from it with the deepest of admiration for her and indeed a kind of a love for her."

Helen Mirren is almost unrecognizable in ‘Golda’ as Israel's only female prime minister Golda Meir

The prosthetics and a make-up regimen took hours

to re-create the Israeli leader's nicotine-stained fingers and swollen ankles

The film follows Meir's leadership in 1973 during a time of conflict in Israel

[Helen Mirren, Actor]

"She was extraordinarily brave and with a commitment to Israel that was total. And in a weird way, it was a bit like playing Elizabeth I of England in the sense of not because she had the regality or anything, but her utter commitment to her country and to her nation."

'Golda' premiered at the 2023 Berlin Film Festival

[Guy Nattiv, Director]

"She's just amazing. The fact that she's a woman in 1973, paving the way to Thatcher and Merkel and all those, like, amazing leaders, it was amazing to me. She's an icon. And Helen, with her amazing talent, brought so much layers to her character, humor and strength and a lot of stuff. So that's why Helen, she's one of the best actors in our lifetime."