Hebron art student brings portraits to life

Take a seat inside this 3D portrait

LOCATION: Hebron, West Bank

Palestinian art student Lama Dweik created the immersive work

as way of disrupting the classical 2D portrait


"The idea of the project came about when I was drawing a portrait and started thinking 'I wish we could enter the painting.' I then thought 'Why not? Art is crazy.' Instead of taking pictures of things or drawing them, we can directly draw on objects and allow people to enter the world of the painting which can be used as a photography studio that people can interact with and take pictures within.”


"The idea of photo studios that we are used to today is confined inside the studio. But when you take pictures here you feel like you went back to the old days, the beautiful past and artistic paintings. What is unique about this studio is that it is a mobile studio, you can set it up anywhere and anyone can take a picture in it.”

Dweik hopes to take the idea further in the future

by painting well-known sites that people wish to visit

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