Heavy rain and strong winds provoke death of hundreds of tons of farm-raised fish in Indonesia

Hundreds of tons of farm-raised fish died due to strong winds and heavy rains in Lake Maninjau, Indonesia, resulting in around 380,000 dollars of economic loss. The footage, which was filmed today (November 19), shows tilapia and majalaya carcasses, and fishermen working in the lake. According to the Department of Fisheries and Food Security (DPKP) Kab. Agam, the 25 tonnes of fish died as of Friday (November 18). "A day later, today, at least 400 tons of caged fish in three sub-districts died suddenly due to strong winds and rain", said the Head of the DPKP Agam, Rosva Deswira. According to Deswira, the death of fish is linked due to the lack of oxygen in the cages. Farmers were asked not to throw carcasses into the lake and the government helped with their removal.