Heavy Rain Causes Flash Flood in Arizona

Heavy rains and snow melt caused flash floods in Colorado City, Arizona, near the border with Utah, on Wednesday, March 15.

Multiple towns in Mohave County, Arizona, were under a flood watch until Thursday afternoon, as heavy rains coming into contact with the snow pack threatened to bring flash floods to the area, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

This footage, posted by local Terrill Musser, shows water coursing through arid land. Credit: Terrill Musser via Storyful

Video transcript

TERRILL MUSSER: While we're looking at the wide spot, you can see how the water's completely covered both sides. So much water.

All of the water from Short Creek heads down to the Fort Pierce Wash and then empties down into the Virgin River eventually. But it leaves here, and then it heads down and drops off the Hurricane fault line.

It's about 27 miles of canyons, clearing Water Canyon, Squirrel, Skunk. It's completely covered each side of the wide spot. Such a blessing that it'd be safe in here, safe out in the weather today.

Rapid there and [? then-- ?]

But you guys be really safe. We definitely need the rain and the moisture. And so everybody have a great day and everybody you love.