Heaven Peralejo says she is getting to know someone

24 Feb – Heaven Peralejo revealed that she is currently in the stage of getting to know someone, following her breakup with Jimuel Pacquiao last year.

As reported on Push, the actress who spoke about her new love life, stated that she hopes to have a more low-key relationship this time around, after the high-profile romance she had before.

"I just want to keep it private. Something I learned a year ago was to keep it private in order to have a healthy relationship. But you know, I mean it's still the getting-to-know stage so there's no label," she stated.

Peralejo added that she is in no rush to commit to another relationship, and will give it more time this time around.

"For me, the more time it takes, the more you know the person so I don't have to rush because I still want to focus on my career. It is also unfair to the other party if I can't really commit," she said.

(Photo Source: Heaven Peralejo Instagram)