Heatwaves trigger water shortage across India

STORY: Temperatures in New Delhi, which had subsided over the past few days, are back to dangerously hot levels once again.

People living in New Delhi's slums are among the first casualties of the weather - especially those who do not even have piped water supply in their houses, and have to spend hours waiting for water trucks to procure their daily fix of water.

"There is an obvious shortage of water due to the heat. The consumption of water increases - there is a rise in usage but the supply of the water is very limited and that creates difficulties," said Gopal Solanki, resident of an urban slum in New Delhi, who told Reuters that people in his area spend two to three hours every day waiting for water.

India suffered its hottest March in more than 100 years and April saw many places, including New Delhi, recording unusually high temperatures in excess of 40 degrees Celsius on most days.

More than two dozen people have died of suspected heat strokes since late March, and power demand has hit multi-year highs.

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