Foal mistakes image on bus for its mum and runs alongside it in heartwarming video

This is the heartwarming moment a foal follows a bus with an image of a galloping horse on its side, apparently thinking it was its mum. The foal, which had according to locals disappeared from its group a few days before this video was taken, was so missing its mum that it latched on to the image of on the side of the private bus. When the bus started to move, the foal faithfully followed. The scene was captured by a local cameraman, Mr. Perumal, in Coimbatore, a city in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, on September 12 and shared with his permission exclusively with Newsflare. Perumal himself was waiting for a bus at the time. Perumal asked local shopkeepers about the foal, who claimed that it got separated from its group near a river bank. "It was searching for its mama," one shopkeeper told Perumal.