'Heartbroken' sister of Myanmar gunshot victim


Mya Thwate Thwate Khaing was supposed to be celebrating her 20th birthday on Thursday.

Instead, she is fighting for her life in a hospital in Myanmar, the first known serious casualty of the ongoing protests against the country's military coup.

She was shot in the back of the head when police clamped down on a peaceful protest in the capital on Tuesday.

Video footage verified by Reuters shows Mya Thwate Thwate Khaing was struck in the back of the head with a live round, and then being pulled away by her sister Mya Tha Toe Nwe, although the army has security forces only used non-lethal weapons.

"I thought they were shooting into the sky at first and I told my sister to go back, and then she got shot. I did not think that she got shot at first, I thought she fainted as she was angry. But after people had shouted and asked her to remove her helmet then I realized that she got shot after seeing her bleeding behind her head. I did not even know how I got here (to the hospital) after that."

A doctor from the hospital told Reuters she had lost significant brain function and was not likely to survive..

"I feel so heartbroken. We have only our mother left. Our dad is already dead. I am the eldest among four siblings while she is the youngest. My mother won't be able to stand that her youngest daughter is dying like this. We also can't stand it as we only have this sister. I can't even describe in words."

The shooting of the teenager has caused outrage across the country, particularly as many members of the protests are Generation Z.

They say they refuse to let another generation experience military rule.