Heartbroken relatives protest Mexico's missing

STORY: Holding banners and photographs of their missing loved ones, the mothers marched through the streets of Mexico's capital, where thousands disappear each year, and those left to find them suffer from a lack of political will to advance in their search.

“This is a country at war, except those being killed are not soldiers, cops, or government employees but regular citizens, who go out to the streets not knowing if they are coming back,” said Norma Andrade, mother of Liliana Garcia, missing since 2001.

May 10 marks the date to celebrate Mother’s Day across most Mexican calendars; for many, it is a day of outrage for those lost to increasing violence and lack of help from the Mexican authorities.

Many mothers marching in the capital have been coming out every year for the annual Mother's Day protest. As the years go by, they have vowed to keep campaigning for their missing children until they die.

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