Heartbroken Bucha residents mourn the dead on Palm Sunday

STORY: Worshippers mourned for their loved ones at the church outside where a mass graveyard was found.

One of the mourners was 63-year-old Galina Bondar, whose son Olexandar 'Sasha' was killed while fighting Russian soldiers as a member of the territorial defenders.

"For me it is a torn soul and a torn heart. I don't know how I will survive," she said beside her son's grave.

For another resident, Evgeniya Lebedko, the scars of the war were too fresh to bear.

"I just prayed today to stop crying. I did not stop crying for a day. It is very difficult. It is very difficult to talk about war. We need to come to our senses first and then talk," she said.

Since Russian troops withdrew from towns and villages around the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, Ukrainian troops have been showing journalists corpses of what they say are civilians killed by Russian forces, destroyed houses and burnt-out cars.

Reuters saw dead bodies in the town of Bucha but could not independently verify who was responsible for the killings. Ukraine says Russia is guilty of genocide and U.S. President Joe Biden has accused Putin of war crimes and called for a trial.

Russia denies targeting civilians and has called pictures of those killed in Bucha "fake news."

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