Heartbreaking moment as 14-year-old Indonesian girl aces audition, discovers on-air that mum just died (VIDEO)

Arif Zikri

Nurjannah had joined LIDA 2020 so that she could help with her mother’s medical bills.— Screenshot via YouTube/Indosiar

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 24 — A beautiful moment where a 14-year-old contestant passed an audition for a singing competition turned into a heartbreak after finding out shortly after that her mother had died just moments before.

Siti Nur Jannah Rumasukun from West Papua province had aced her audition for Liga Dangdut Indonesia 2020, but her joy was short-lived when her uncle, Pak Mus, broke the news to her in a live telephone call on-air.

Shortly after her moving performance for the jury, she had shared that her mother was suffering from diabetes, and that her father has passed away in 2017 from a heart attack — leaving family members to care for them.

In the video, Siti had voiced her wish for her mother’s good health so that they could spend more time together.

While the production of the TV show had arranged for her to share the good news with her mother in the hospital, the show took a tearful twist when she was left with her mother’s last words to her asking her to be strong.

Even the production was caught off-guard when the phone call was answered by her uncle, who explained that her mother had been in hospital since Monday and had passed mere moments before the call.

“Mama said that you need to be strong Jannah,” he said.

“Give your best for the sake of mama and your family Jannah,” Pak Mus said.

He also shared the final advice by Siti by her mother.

“Focus on the competition and don’t think too much of me. Take care of your siblings and if you achieve your dreams, don’t ever forget your family.”

The video uploaded by broadcaster Indosiar on Monday has been viewed almost 1.7 million times since and was trending on Youtube in the top 10 trending videos.

The show during its live competition broadcast paid tribute to her loss, and the video has been viewed more than 400,000 times since it was uploaded hours ago.

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