Heart-stopping moment officer saves woman hanging off scaffolding in Venice, Italy

This is the moment a hero officer rescued a woman hanging off scaffolding on a church in Venice. The 20-year-old woman tried to commit suicide, according to the filmer, by climbing up the scaffolding of Church Chiesa degli Scalzi, near Venice's Santa Lucia train station, on September 2. This video, which was filmed at approximately 10:47 am, shows the woman sitting on the edge of the roof. A few moments later, the young woman is seen dangling in the air. A huge crowd looks at the scene expressing concerns. Someone says: "Oh god, what am I looking at?" A police officer tries his best to save her by pulling her up and holding her arm. The clip ends with people cheering as the officer manages to bring her to safety. Lorenzo, who filmed this clip, said: "I was very anxious while I was there. In the beginning, no one noticed what was happening. Everything was so fast! When these things happen, everyone needs to get to hold their nerves." It has been reported that the woman has now been admitted to a hospital in Venice.