Health DG: We avoided 'disaster' with 'total lockdown'

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Health DG: We avoided 'disaster' with 'total lockdown'
Health DG: We avoided 'disaster' with 'total lockdown'

Putrajaya’s decision to impose another round of strict movement curbs had helped the country avoid a “disaster”, according to Health Ministry director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

Speaking to Astro Awani, Noor Hisham said daily new Covid-19 cases were projected to peak at around 13,000 in mid-June before slowing down.

He said, had lockdown measures not been imposed, Malaysia risked seeing 40,000 daily cases by last week, according to projections.

“We managed to flatten the curve, but more needs to be done. As long as there are movements and gatherings in some sectors, we will remain where we are today.

“If others are stubborn, we must be the agent of change and limit our own movements to ensure the safety of ourselves and our family,” he said.

He warned that Malaysia was now dealing with deadlier Covid-19 variants and hence more efforts were needed.

“If not, we will see the same fate as India,” he said.

Strict lockdown measures barring most economic, social, and educational activities began on June 1 and are scheduled to expire on June 28.

With an average of 5,351 daily new cases over the past seven days, there is widespread expectation that movement curbs will be extended yet again.

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