Hayao Miyazaki already has concept for next film, son Goro says


Hayao Miyazaki is keeping the details of his next film so close to his chest that not even his own son, Studio Ghibli producer and director Goro Miyazaki, is privy to them.

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The details:

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  • The news of Hayao Miyazaki working on the project was first revealed by his producing partner, Toshio Suzuki, in October 2023.

  • When asked about the next film, Goro told local media that his father started brainstorming for the concept as soon as best animated feature Oscar winnerThe Boy and the Heron” was released and is keeping it a secret.

  • “He doesn't say. Absolutely, he doesn't tell anyone," he told reporters. “Even at his age, all the animators around him are rivals. Whether they are younger or the staff supporting him, whether inside or outside the company, once they're called animators, they're all rivals. So, he's careful not to talk about his plans to those people. Until he's absolutely sure, he won't reveal anything.”

  • As for how long fans have to wait, Goro said he thinks Studio Ghibli “needs some time to recover,” considering how it took them seven years to produce “The Boy and the Heron.”

  • Speaking about how Miyazaki reacted to the historic Cannes award, Goro told reporters, “He said, 'I don't really understand, but thank you.' It didn't really register with him.”

  • “He doesn't seem to care much [about the awards]. He seems to be thinking about what he can do while he's still alive. He's like, 'Anyway, I'll do what's in front of me now,'" Goro added.


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