‘Hawk Tuah' Girl Interviewers: We’re Being Forgotten

Tim and Dee TV/YouTube
Tim and Dee TV/YouTube

Tim Dickerson and DeArius Marlow, the duo behind Tim and Dee TV and the ‘Hawk Tuah Girl’, are a bit miffed they are sitting on the sidelines of her virality.

Marlow, 24, and Dickerson, 25, sat down with the New York Times to offer their side of the story as Hailey Welch, the “Hawk Tuah Girl,” jumps on stage with Zach Bryan, cashes in on $65,000 worth of merchandise and runs the podcast circuit.

While their Instagram and YouTube pages have seen bumps in likes and views since their infamous June interview with Welch exploded in popularity, the two aren’t getting nearly as much attention as Welch.

“At the end of the day, nobody would know who she was if we didn’t bring it to light and post it,” Marlow told the New York Times.

Welch, 21, has already amassed a following triple that of Marlow and Dickerson’s Instagram page, speaks through a lawyer and is managed professionally, according to the New York Times.

Marlow told the New York Times that when he reached out to Welch, her lawyer reached back. The two are fighting tooth and nail to protect what little they have as well. According to the New York Times, they have filed 50 copyright strikes against hijackers who have stolen their videos of Welch.

The pair travels across the country to find crowded streets spilling out with drunken partygoers and bar crawlers to ask some of the most pressing questions facing humanity.

“We’re not pressuring nobody or nothing–we’re just capturing the vibe. That’s what we do best.” Dickerson told the New York Times of their “Girls Gone Wild”-esque interviews.

The interview with Welch, paces from Nashville's Johnny Cash Museum, did not start auspiciously as Marlow asked some of his go-to questions: “What would you say to your last body?”, “What’s your type?”, “What makes you wifey material?”

With Welch wandering off and her friend losing focus, Marlow reeled the two back in with his now-famous question: “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?”

“You gotta Hawk Tuah on that thang,” Welch replied in a thick Southern drawl.

Marlow, exchanging looks with Dickerson, knew they had struck gold, according to the New York Times.

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