Hawaii governor signs 13 bills aimed at Native Hawaiian communities


Hawaii Governor Josh Green signed 13 pieces of legislation directed at Native Hawaiian communities on June 28. The bills primarily cover housing, education and tourism.

  • Kaiapuni education: HB 2074, one of Friday’s key bills, mandates the Department of Education to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for kaiapuni (“learning environment”) education, which Green describes as “vital for the preservation and promotion of Hawaiian language and culture.” The scheme includes a $3.5 million budget to fund new positions for kaiapuni teachers and curriculum specialists and monitoring some 1,400 students.

  • Tourism plan: Another bill is SB 2659, which requires the Hawaii Tourism Authority to establish a Tourism Functional Plan, prioritizing sustainable tourism practices and preserving Native Hawaiian cultural resources. “This bill ensures that our visitor industry grows in a way that respects and preserves our cultural heritage while promoting economic diversification,” Green said.

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